ÖZAYTAÇ Textile Construction Industry. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Was founded in 1986 in Gaziantep. Our company between 0-16 years of age with a small workshop with a production area of 150 m2 in the year it was founded Children's jeans, linen, velvet pants started to manufacture. Our company has more than 750 m2 production area in 1995, keeping pace with technological developments. With innovation and constant change with the slogan parallel to the global development in 2003 established the 1500 m2 production facility.

Production of technological developments in the sector by accelerating the continuous Our company follows investment, our current production capacity of 15 per day 000 products production and a total of 7500 m2 closed area and 500 m2 square Showroom to which has become an idol brand fabrication system geçmiştir.sektör our company in Turkey 81 province has established a distribution network has been working with the franchise system.

Our company has many firsts to this day in the Southeast of the year it was established.